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Here are some free resources for educators to use:

Maryland MEA - Fall Inservice String Orchestra Reading Session Handout

Making Good Choices Clinic Outline

Small Steps: Improvisation for the Beginning Jazz Ensemble Clinic Outline

Trumpet Talk Clinic Resources

Free String Orchestra arrangement:

I Know Where I'm Going (grade 1.5)

Audio link:


From the clinic “Now What: Tips and Strategies for the Middle School Jazz Band”:

Effective Warm-Ups For Developing Jazz Ensembles
Free score and parts to the warm-ups that are discussed and previewed in the Now What clinic. These exercises are geared toward middle school and developing high school jazz ensembles and they focus on chord studies, call and response listening exercises and developing proper articulations. Directions are well scripted out for the conductors. This set of exercises works well for young musicians!

Color Instrument Parts For Warm-Ups:
French Horn
Bass Clarinet

Clinic Outline

"Start Your Engines: Building Confidence with less experienced Rhythm Section Players"
Clinic Outline

“But It Sounded Great On My Computer!”:
Clinic Outline

Other Items

Developing Jazz Band Arrangements (Mike’s Picks) -
a list of Alfred charts that work for first year & developing jazz bands

Mike Kamuf Published Works
a list of my compositions and arrangements published by Alfred Music Publishing


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